Merry Christmas!!!! Advent Calendar December 25

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- MESH by Liana is INCLUDED.

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  1. Complimenti per gli stupendi regali, grazie mille *__* E Buon Natale!!!

  2. thank you, everything is perfect <3

  3. My game name is socksoroosky. This is my first post anywhere. I am not sure I am posting this coment in the right place. Part of my draw to sims is the beautiful thing I find. Your site is one I visit every day. I cant believe the beautiful thing I find Each day I cant wait to see if there is something new. I find the creativeity and beuty at this site amazing. Thankyou for bringing a bit of beuty into my life each time I visit the site. sincerely socksoroosky

    1. Oh, dear ♥ You make me cry ;,) This is the most emotional comment that someone have left on my blog. I'm very glad to make your day more beautiful ♥ Your words are so sweet to me... And I thank you because, for this time, YOU made my day today ;) Thank you and have a BEAUTIFUL, fun, magic day ♥♥♥