Coachella Style 01_27/04/2018

Hello there!!! :D 
Little surprise! You know... I love this blog and sometimes I become a little bit nostalgic so... I have to create something new in memory of the old good days  
Inspired by the "Coachella period" here's a casual outfit for Adult Female! 
Hope you like it, guys! 
Really thanks for your love and support... I read all the comments, I see all the visits... even if I am so busy anyway I don't forget what this blog has represented for me :) 

 - MESH by NataliS is INCLUDED.
- Sarah by me.

2 commenti:

  1. fantastic!please do more i personally think that youre the best designer by far

    1. Oh, thank u so much! I really appreciate your words ♥
      I try to do the best I can... I promise :) I'm so busy right now but hope to come back soon ;)