46- Zebra Dress_Request 01

Hi, guys!!! :) Today I post two dresses made for a request that, I have to say, is soooooo long. :D This person (I don't know who because of the anonymous comment, damn -.-") has requested to me a lot of dresses xD Well, I'm working about them, don't worry ;) But, some pictures are too small and I can't realize them, sorry ;( Meanwhile, hope you'll like these ♥

- The original picture HERE
- MESH by LianaSims2 is INCLUDED

4 commenti:

  1. Wow! Gorgeous. Thank you very much! :)

  2. E' un abito particolarissimo, bravissima come sempre *_*

    1. grazie, RoRo ♥ Personalmente lo stile non mi piace molto... ma mi è stato richiesto, quindi... xD

  3. roupa perfeita, aliás coloque mais roupas estampadas por favor