45- Calvin Klein Boxers For Men

Hey guys ♥ Do you like the new autumn look of SYC? In these days there's really cold, here in Italy... 
If you want to ask me a request of any dress, please leave your name and not leave the anonymous comment! Well, you mustn't be necessarily a member of Google to comment, ok? But please, tell me who you are... So when I'll post the dresses that I realized for you I know to who talk about.
Also, the pictures that you leave in the comment (through link for example), PLEASE must be in a right dimension, and not small!
I'll open a category soon where I'll put these small rules ;)

3 Boxers signed Calvin Klein :)
Uh, do you remeber of the lingerie of the girl? 
Go HERE, if you haven't download it yet ;)

7 commenti:

  1. Hot boxers!
    You have a very nice design! :)

  2. Grazie mille per questo download ; )

    1. Ohi ti sei iscritta :):) Grandeeee! ^____^

    2. ahaha si si ci sono riuscita ;)

  3. Ooh! Merci beaucoup, I can never have too many boxers from my sim hotties ;)