Welcome back, Summer!

....well, welcome back to me too ;D Hey, everyone!!! Finally I finish my exams for this year, it was very hard at University and I'm sorry for the inactivity of my blog. The University is so damn hard... And I have not any time to do anything else.
Anyway, now I'm here :) and I've created for you a new special casual for Adult Females for the SUMMER!
I'm sorry for the inconvenience with the link of the previous download... I fixed it! So go to download it if you want ;)


Mediafire: DOWNLOAD

 - MESH by Alisa is INCLUDED.
- Sarah by me.

4 commenti:

  1. Hi there! First I would like to thank you for your amazing work! It's nice to see that there are still active creators for Sims 2! Now, I have an issue... I have tried downloading your creations for days now, however when I click the download link, it looks like it is loading but nothing happens! If you could help me out with this, it would be very helpful! Thank you!!! :)

  2. I have the same problem, i believe the problem is with our account, cause i made other downs on the app box and they worked fine. Idk why this happening, but maybe you ll have to upload somewhere else =/

  3. I can't download anything either. I figured it's coz I don't have Box account so I made one. It didn't help and couldn't download anything. Is there any way you could have some kind of other download form for your files?

  4. I can't do it either, can you please fix it.