"Back to School" COLLECTION

Hi, everyone :) I love making collections In particular, I'm working on this since a couple of weeks... before I'd started the University.
There were the "Dear, sweet, Cardigan Collection", the "Noir Style Collection"... and the "College Style Collection". Well, the theme of this one is always the school/college but in a very particular way.
Every High School of the world (I guess) has:
- the "Queen Group" = the coolest girls of the school and (very often) arrogant girls who enjoying to poke fun the more shy girls, devoted to makeup, dresses, shopping...
- the "Shy Group" = girls who have a great nature but with difficult to show who they really are, lovers of creative activities...
- and the "Nerd Group" = girls devoted to the study, lovers of magazines/comics, and that consider their room the only place where to be themselves.

And I think that all of us we've been part of one of these groups. In which one do you recognize yourself? I think that I put myself in the Shy and Nerd Group at the same time :).
Anyway, this collection is dedicated to all the girls who are back to school and to all of these three groups. Every girl of the world is special. Enjoy this little preview... for now


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