Two Undies for AF

Hi :) Today there are just for you two undies for Adult Females ♥ Hope you like both. And...
 I remember to all the participants at the contest
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 To join at the 3^ Round with their models!!! ;);)


 - MESH by NataliS is INCLUDED.

4 commenti:

  1. I have bad message for you. Your creations was conversion to The sims 3. I don't know whether you know about it, but do it Anarchy cat, which issued for his work.
    The evidence here:
    I'm sorry my bad english

    1. Hi :) Thank you for the information ;) But this is not a my dress ;) Yeah, it's the same dress of Miley Cyrus but the texture and the mesh are completely different by mine ;) We just have had the same idea I guess ;)
      But really really thanks to have said to me! I appreciated it very much ♥