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This post is dedicated to all the entries at the contest :)
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Name: Kim
Surname: Moore
Age: 28
Country: Australia
Job: Artist


Name: Laura
Surname: Karla
Age: 24
Country: California, U.S.
Job: Costume designer


Name: Scarlet
Surname: Freedom
Age: 35
Country: Brazil
Job: Singer


Name: Elena
Surname: Dementeva
Age: 25
Country: Russia
Job: office manager


Name: Cassie
Surname: Trudeau
Age: 21
Country: Canada
Job: Biologist


Name: Valerie
Surname: Taylor
Age: 26
Country: Connecticut, USA
Job: Wedding Planner

Sparx Light

Name: Jacqueline
Surname: Bellerose
Nickname: Jackie
Age: 27
Country: Los Angeles, California, USA.
Job: Child Appointed Special Advocate


Name : Ena
Surname : Finnigan
Age : 23
Country : France
Job : Catalog model


Name: Telma
Surname: La Vega
Age: 25
Country: República Dominicana
Job: Blogger


Name: Miranda
Surname: Hulzet
Age: 22
Country: Brazil
Job: Ballet Teacher


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  1. hi hun! i'm not sure where i'm supposed to be asking you this but, do you think you could make any more selena gomez clothes??