CONTEST I will be a top model: 1^ Round CLOSED

This announcement is for all the partecipants at the Contest

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The 1^ Round is officially CLOSED NOW!!! :) So, no one can join at anymore ;) The 2^ Round will start February 18, so stay tuned!!! ;) That day I'll post the score table of the 1^ Round and the INFO for the second one ;) 

I have to say that I've been very good with the votes :) I gave high votes in this round to not discourage anyone :) The Sims are all beautiful and obviously there are my favourites ones already... BUT there are other two rounds and many things can still change ;) How I said I focused my attention on the beauty of the Sim and on the creativity of the photos... Of course, a good quality of the images is important but not at the first place ;) So don't worry and keep it up! I'm very proud of all of you, girls! You have been so good!!!

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