Hi, everyone! Well, thank you so much for all the comments you left in the previous post... I'm glad that you liked the new dress ♥ 
How you know, I did a poll last month... And, obviously I'm very focus on the categories with more votes... Uh, thank you all for have voted! :) Anyway, I noticed that the category "New Sims for your game" has 13 votes. Soooooo... here for you the first Sim on SYC ever! 
This is Claire! Be good with her ;):P
Very soon... someone special for her will be available for the download here....

Hair, hat, glasses and outfit are NOT INCLUDED. But here the links where you can find them:
Hair by Skysims
Hat by Peggy (PAY DOWNLOAD)
Glasses by Hypnotized Sims


The outfit is my creation!!! :D And it'll be available tomorrow!!! Don't lose it! ;)

4 commenti:

  1. She is so pretty and that outfit, love it!

  2. Erhm...
    I dont like her... but it's ok.

    1. Erhm... It's okay even for me.
      You aren't forced to download her.