40- Kristen Stewart Gold Dress

I really advice you to stay tuned on Sims York City in these days ;) Because will be post more new beautiful stuff, I promise ♥ To give you a little preview, in addition to that of some days ago... In my bodyshop there are ready two Formal Dresses, Two pairs of Earrings of Tiffany, Glosses, Eyeshadows... Anyway stay tuned! :D 
Here a new dress of Kristen Stewart ;P Well, someone asked to me something casual of Kristen... Well, I'll so glad to realize this request very soon ;) Meanwhile, have fun with your sims w/ this one ;)

- MESH by Justsims2 is INCLUDED

2 commenti:

  1. Che bello anche questo, oltre all'abito mi piace come sono venute le scarpe *__*

    1. Grazieee *__* Sono contenta che ti piacciano le scarpe... anche perchè ci ho messo un sacco a farle :D allora ne è valsa la pena! ;)