28- Top & shorts

Ok, guys :) Here an update for you: let me say I love it ♥ This is so... summer-style :D Well, this is strange 'cause the summer goes to end... but no matter... Hope you like it! Continue to follow me, please! I saw that the visits are inferior :(... I don't know... Don't you like the new downloads, maybe?

- MESH used by La_Vanilla is INCLUDED

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  1. This is Fab! And don't feel discourage..Your a great creator :-) That does excellent work.plus your blog is fairly new.As long as you create great Cc your be fine.=) and Advertise more.Perhaps you should add a like/dislike and thank you button on here.That might help out for those that don't want/have time to comment.

  2. Oh thank you to have commented ♥ Yes, you're right my blog is still new... I have to have more patience this is the truth xDxD But... thank you for the advices!!! ☻ Have a nice day ♥